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Community Cinema in Walton on Thames


At the start of 2023 I dropped an update on here where I promised many things including 50k followers on TikTok. I always think it’s good to start off each year with lofty expectations 😂 Turns out i’m awful at TikTok as am too old (thanks for pointing this out Bill Baines ).

One of the most exciting promises was to turn the back of the pub into a little mini-cinema for the good people of Walton to watch movies.

Well, today i am delighted to say we have completed the project.

We have an HD projector installed, amazing sound and access to hundreds of thousands of movies, as per our MPLC umbrella licence.

Sharon (The Curtain Lady) has been amazing by creating removable custom-made blackout curtains for the whole back area of the pub so that screenings can be more intimate. It’s now completely self-enclosed.

We will be screening a movie EVERY Sunday and Monday night from 7pm. Due to restrictions on our licence we are not allowed to advertise what these movies will be outside the pub (or on socials) so you will need to check the pin-board going up in the pub next week.

You will be able to book tables online – if you do you will also get some free popcorn as a thank you for supporting us.

Finally, any group of 10 or more can not only book the entire area, but can request which film they would like to watch (obvs within reason / licence permitting / nothing too naughty) all 100% free of charge. You can have your own little space to chill and watch a movie – we’ll bring all food and drinks to you via the app. More details of this after our official launch next week.

I know we are only little, and this thing is not going to set the world ablaze but i’m really proud of what we’ve created – and really hope it becomes a staple part of the ongoing celebration of Walton’s movie heritage.

Oh and one more thing – not only is there no cost to you if you chose to come to a movie – but you also do not have to purchase anything from us. So if you just wanna chill for the evening and watch a free movie – head to the village.

Thanks for reading

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